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VBS 2020

VBS Update as of 6.26.2020

(An update from our Director Of Christian Education, Joy Kaufmann)


Dear St. Paul's Members & Friends,


I have some VERY exciting news!! We are having VBS this summer!!! (Woo Hoo) Can I get a PRAISE GOD??!! This is GOOD NEWS!!!


We're going on a family "vacation" to the wilderness at Wilderness Adventure. Pack your bags and get ready to join Mo the mouse, Humphrey the camel and all the desert animal Bible buddies as we go back in time. We’re going to pretend we're the 12 tribes of Israel who've escaped Egypt and are wandering in the wilderness. We'll hear daily stories from Moses and the whiny Israelite, Malichi, do crafts in the Israelite camp such as weaving, making camel bells and even creating our own musical tambourine, There will be games and, of course, the AWESOME VBS music! It's going to be a family "vacation" you'll never forget!!! Best part yet, moms & dads get to participate too!! It's a whole family experience!!


There will be two options for your family to participate:


Option #1 is a 2-night in-person evening family VBS being held in 3 sessions on our school campus grass field. You choose which session works best for you- July 26th & 27th, July 28th & 29th or July 30th & 31st. Families will have the option to bring their own dinner from 5:15-5:45pm with VBS beginning at 5:45pm and ending at 8:15pm. At least one parent will need to attend, and all participants will need to sign and follow a COVID-19 prevention plan (see document below). Due to COVID regulations, space will be limited to 80 participants plus 20 staff per session.


Option #2 is VBS At Home. Starting August 3rd your family will have access to watch the 2 videos (one for each night of VBS) and then make the crafts and do the games at home. Space is limited to 100 children. Online participants will drive thru to pick up their VBS kit of supplies at our school campus (901 E. Heim Ave) on:

      - 9:00-11:00am Saturday, July 25th OR

      - 9:30-11:00am Sunday, July 26th OR

      - 9:30-11:00am Sunday, August 2nd


Cost for both options will be $25 for the first child and $10 for each additional child. Scholarships are available. Parents are FREE! Students entering 8th grade (this fall) and younger can participate, with children 2 and under FREE.


We will still need donations. You will have the option to purchase items online, in the store or give a monetary donation.


We are working on VBS participation registration and donation lists now and hope to have them available next week at the church website. As soon as everything is available, I’ll let you know.


In the mean time, put VBS on your calendar, get your Israelite costume ready (optional) and start listening to the VBS music on YouTube (type in Wilderness Escape Songs) to learn the song actions.


And, especially, continue to pray for VBS and the VBS planning team! We appreciate your thoughts & prayers!!!


To God be the glory!!!

In Christ,


DCE Joy Kaufmann